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The second series of the British television drama series Ackley Bridge began broadcasting on 5 June on Channel 4and ended on 21 August Production and filming on the series began in January in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Nasreen and Missy, dressed in burqaspurchase cider from the off licence, running away from the owner, and take a large bundle of drug money from Jordan. The staff attend Samir and Maryam's wedding reception at school, but he and Emma are seen kissing by Missy and Nasreen.

The next morning, Emma wakes up next to Will, and Missy and Nasreen realise what they did. Jordan is hassled about the money by a drug dealer, who is warned off by Emma.

Sex dating in Ackley

Nasreen and Naveed kiss in front of everyone; Nasreen tells Missy she wants an easy life when Missy questions her feelings over the arranged marriage. Kaneez knocks down the new biology teacher Rashid while learning to drive, whilst Year 11 take their mock exam and Nasreen and Alya are sent to isolation for fighting when Alya taunts Nasreen with rumours that she and Naveed are having sex. Mandy decides to pull out low achievers Sex dating in Ackley non-core subjects, which infuriates Emma and her Year 11 students. Missy accompanies Nasreen to Bradford to confront Iqbal, and Chloe lends Jordan money to repay the drug dealer.

Emma's Year 11 students confront the staff, choosing to stage a protest, but they give up when they realise their future college courses only require core subject qualifications. Nasreen locates Iqbal with his wife Sandra Turner, daughter Amy, and Aaron, discovering that their relationship has been going on since before her birth. Nasreen meets Naveed's family and when Iqbal returns, Nasreen tells Kaneez about his secret family, but after realising Kaneez already knew, Nasreen calls off the engagement. Emma and Samir kiss and Kaneez explains to Nasreen that she knew of Sex dating in Ackley marriage shortly after she married Iqbal, and Nasreen persuades Kaneez to let her have a girlfriend.

Jordan gives Cory an invite from Candice to Jamie's christening, while Mandy forces students to remove make up and smarten up at the school entrance as Steve and Will break up Jordan and Cory fighting. Nasreen rejects Aaron when he turns up and during Science, Hayley gets eyebrow pencil on her face when she tries to reapply her make up as Jordan offers for his family to pay half of Jamie's christening to Candice. Simone receives a visit from a loan shark, Linda, demanding money to repay the debt of Simone's ex-boyfriend Craig and Kevin refuses to contribute to Jamie's christening.

Jordan is threatened by Candice's brothers for the money towards the christening when he cannot pay their half, so Cory and Jordan steal Alpacas and attempt to sell them to a butcher. Razia struggles with the revelation of Iqbal having two families, which has an impact on her homework and Missy has to work on a burger van to repay Simone's ex-boyfriend's debt; when Emma finds out, she suggests to Mandy that they organise a school play for the students to change their opinion of Mandy due Sex dating in Ackley her actions. Kevin is called into school when they find out about the Alpacas and he is updated on Jordan's progress, which infuriates Kevin, especially when he fails to secure a job, and a row between Kevin and Jordan in Kevin beating up Jordan.

Missy decides to return to school when Mandy tells her about the play. Rashid informs Kaneez of Razia's struggles and Claire, the mother of Steve's son Zac, turns up at school with him. Mandy and Steve start to reconcile and Rashid puts forward to Kaneez the suggestion that Razia has dyspraxiaunintentionally angering Kaneez, and Jordan backs out of reporting Kevin.

Missy and Aaron kiss when Aaron gifts Missy a portaloo for her job and the Parachas talk about how they are coping with Iqbal's other family. Final appearance : Iqbal Paracha. Rashid brings a drum kit to the Parachas and explains to Kaneez it can help Razia's coordination whilst Hayley is unhappy with Aaron's presence at her home, who is now Missy's boyfriend. At school, Chloe is comforted by Will when she is upset about being dumped by Jordan, which Alya witnesses, and Rashid invites Kaneez to a concert.

Alya believes the Muslim students should not participate in the school play due to it not being relevant to their culture and when Emma tries to justify the chosen play, Alya tells Emma about Chloe and Will. Nasreen argues with Missy about her relationship with Aaron and Kaneez is hurt that Emma implies that she does not need a boyfriend. Kaneez rejects Aaron when Missy attempts to introduce him to her, so Kaneez goes to see Sandra, wanting Aaron away and does not want Iqbal anymore, choosing to put herself first.

Kaneez has her hair restyled and Aaron tells Kaneez he is in Ackley Bridge for Missy, accepting that his siblings do not want him, but Hayley insists he goes, and at the concert, Rashid is the one performing. Later at Rashid's, he and Kaneez kiss when he opens up about his feelings towards her and they sleep together. Emma confronts Will, demanding to know about him and Chloe, but Will explains Chloe was dumped by Jordan, so he helped Chloe because he loves Emma. Hayley overhears Simone and Aaron talk about Hayley's bond with Missy, so he opts to end things with Missy.

Hayley and Razia go to see Aaron and Hayley gives Aaron her blessing for him to be in a relationship with Missy. Emma and Samir have sex, but Samir is unsure of whether to leave his wife. Nasreen and Kaneez also approve of Missy's relationship and Kaneez decides that she needs time before embarking on a relationship with Rashid.

Sex dating in Ackley

The cast is chosen for the play. Samir, wanting to start a relationship with Emma, punches drug dealer Khadim, his former friend, when he sees him with Jordan, which is filmed and circulated around the school.

Sex dating in Ackley

Samir is called to see Mandy, where he is reminded of the safeguarding procedure on intervening out of school hours and Sadiq is unhappy with Jordan's behaviour, which is not changing despite efforts. Samir returns home to find Khadim there and Samir warns him not to punish Jordan over the video to save his reputation. Samir introduces boxing to Jordan, and Alya and Sadiq are unimpressed that Will is teaching Science to the 6th form because Rashid is focusing on the Year 11s.

Nasreen and Missy a football team, where Nasreen is asked out by a player, Megan, and when Jordan decides to give up boxing, Samir tells him he has been awarded a government bursary to maintain boxing. The Nawaz family visit Mandy about Rashid not teaching Year 12, but Mandy refuses to back down as Year 11 take priority, and Nasreen is asked out by Megan.

Jordan fights with Mo when he is teased about boxing and Emma finds out about the bursary, which is Samir's money; when Jordan finds out, he returns to drug dealing. Nasreen escapes from her date when Megan invites Nasreen to her place and she is surprised by Aaron's accepting reaction to her being lesbian. Sadiq reluctantly agrees to help Samir warn Khadim away. Samir delights Emma by deciding to admit to his affair, and Mandy is against Sadiq's plans to introduce another deputy headteacher.

Emma gains Chloe's approval for her to be in a relationship with Samir, but Samir dies when he is stabbed by Khadim, devastating Emma when Mandy breaks the news, and Jordan returns to boxing. Nasreen checks out profiles on a dating app and Steve asks Mandy if he can invite a scout from Halifax rugby club to see Cory play, so Mandy agrees as long as he considers applying for the deputy hehip.

Nasreen chats with a year-old woman, Sameera, Sex dating in Ackley the dating app and Jordan is caught using the school showers after school by Steve, but he lets him off. Nasreen arranges a date with the woman as Kaneez rips down posters from the school with the woman pictured as she is behind the profile, whilst Year 12 discuss Samir's death. The Year 11 girls crush over Riz, and Kaneez continues to talk to Nasreen on the app. Missy comforts Emma when she admits she and Nasreen saw her and Samir kiss at the wedding. Missy finds out about Kaneez pretending to be Sameera from Emma's posters, so Missy urges her to delete the profile, and Cory tells Mandy that Jordan has been kicked out by their dad, so Mandy lets them know she has to inform child services.

Prior to the rugby match, Naveed kisses a shocked Cory Sex dating in Ackley during the match, the scout shows more interest in Riz, so Steve encourages Cory to do his best. When the match continues, Steve berates Kevin for chucking Jordan out and Riz is injured by Cory during a tackle, resulting in him being taken to hospital.

Sex dating in Ackley

Nasreen finds out that Kaneez is Sameera and that Missy knew when she sends a nude selfie. Jordan is given a place at a hostel by child services, whilst Steve decides he does not want to apply for the deputy hehip. Mandy and Steve decide to let Jordan live with them, but find he has run away from the hostel. Riz is diagnosed with an unstable neck fracture that requires the use of a neck brace, and Missy is hurt when Nasreen meets up with Naveed.

Kaneez apologises to Nasreen, but Nasreen warns Kaneez not to interfere as Kaneez warns Nasreen about sending nudes. Leaflets are handed outside the school for a rally against Muslims. After Razia's trainers were stolen from the Mosque, Nasreen confronts the girl, Sam, at school and they fight, but Sam apologises.

Sam is pinned down in the girls toilets, but she is rescued by Candice and Sam declares in the canteen that she is a lesbian when 'Dyke' is written on her forehead; in the toilets, Sam kisses Nasreen. Missy and Aaron discover an engagement party is being organised and Sadiq meets with Mandy, informing her that Steve has been suspended pending investigation over Riz's injury after a meeting with the governors and Steve is hurt that Mandy seemingly will not defend him. At Missy's engagement party, Nasreen messages and then meets up with Sam, where they dance and kiss.

Missy is upset when she discovers Simone has relapsed and disappears. In town, some of the students witness the rally and Nasreen is hurt when she sees Sam protesting with her family, so Nasreen eggs her. Simone is tracked down by Missy, Hayley, Nasreen and Aaron, but Missy disowns her and Steve confides in Claire about his suspension, but when she makes a move, Steve turns her down and Mandy sees Claire leaving her house.

Mandy and Steve argue, which in Steve opting to walk out. Sam justifies to Nasreen her reasons for ing the protest, which infuriates Nasreen and when Hayley fears she will be taken into care again, Missy reassures her it will not happen Sex dating in Ackley Aaron is moving in. Sex dating in Ackley 11 refuse to associate with Candice and Sam and news that Sam slept with Nasreen, though she is kept unnamed, is spread round the school and during his suspension, Steve decides to move in with his brother, but Mandy later finds out she is pregnant.

Mandy announces to Year 11 and the staff that the school day for Year 11 will now end at 4pm and has cancelled prom. Mandy finds her father, Ray, in one of the toilet cubicles and when she returns Ray to her mother Dianne, Mandy is informed that Ray's dementia is worsening and Mandy reluctantly takes Ray with her to give Dianne a break.

Sex dating in Ackley

Razia uses skin bleach and when Hayley attempts to fix their friendship, Razia says she used the skin bleach as she believes Riz did not want a brown girlfriend. Ray sets off Mandy's fire alarm and when she returns home, Ray lashes out at Mandy. Emma visits Mandy and works out that Sex dating in Ackley is pregnant and Emma comforts Mandy by giving her a hug. Emma and Will go to a comedy night together where Naveed is performing and Hayley attends school with a dark face for Razia's sake, which attracts support and criticism. Missy coaches Aaron on what to say to Javid about Hayley, but Javid informs Hayley, Missy and Aaron that he will be contacting social services and Mandy and Dianne contemplate putting Ray in a home.

Mandy visits a snooker hall and on the CCTV, she witnesses footage of Ray and Jordan; Mandy finds Jordan, who has been working as home help and Javid annoys Mandy by working out a new approach for Year Cory is at the comedy night watching Naveed perform and shows him some support.

Naveed's father is unimpressed to see Naveed at the comedy night when Will invites him and Mandy and Dianne successfully prove that Ray has been faking his dementia. Mandy is upset that Dianne conned her when she sides with Ray and Aaron turns up for the meeting with social services with Emma for support; the outcome is positive. Mandy breaks the news to Steve she is pregnant, but does not want a reconciliation and she puts the prom back on.

Whilst donating to the food bank, Alya photographs Cory collecting some food. Cory spends the night with an older woman and Riz returns to school. Alya is berated by Cory when he finds out about the image Alya took and being shared, especially after the school won a public speaking debate on charity, which Alya was part of.

A fight is arranged between Razia and Sam and Razia takes Sex dating in Ackley scalpel and Alya is isolated by the other students, so she returns home, asking Sadiq to go to private school. Razia and Sam meet up after school, but Sam is reluctant to fight and Razia accidentally stabs Nasreen with the scalpel. Cory goes shoplifting, but changes his mind when he notices a woman, who he takes home, but is caught by her daughter taking food from their kitchen, and Nasreen struggles to forgive Razia.

Sex dating in Ackley

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