Nude girl wants date

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Go with me for a minute. Girls, this can be the year you are finally done being insecure and instead find a relationship with a man who means it when he tells you how beautiful he thinks you are in your sweats and day-five dry-shampoo bun. To do it, you have to listen to God and believe how valuable you are. Maybe you asked for the pic. Maybe you sent it. Maybe you got one without asking. Maybe it was someone you liked or someone you never even met. Whatever the case, I can tell you what it definitely was: freaking weird. You spend it in a tight dress, fake lashes, real expensive blow out and heels because somewhere some man decided anything less might as well be Crocs.

Our overanalyzing, pixie dust dreams, and unattainable expectations are the reason guys avoid asking us out for NYE. So he does what he believes to be the next best thing. He starts texting in search of nudes. They allow the guy to feel a physical intimacy with a woman, without any of the physical proximity. In that moment, he has masterfully succeeded in getting her naked with zero cost to himself. The woman has become his porn. I can name at least five girls in high school who had a lot more than their pretty face texted from one school to another, because they were trying to get, or keep, a boyfriend.

We had digital cameras. Imagine that. Girls so desperately felt they needed to do this for a guy that they went through the entire process. Today we have Snapchat. But what about the reputation you hold of yourself? Somewhere out there is an internet crypt containing a mountain of naked photos belonging to hearts all in search of one thing: wanting to be wanted.

So why did I do it? Same reason as everyone else. I wanted someone to want me, and in that three minute exchange, I felt just that. I was told how hot I was. How badly they wanted to be with me. For those three minutes, I felt good. Then they were gone. Someone who had said they wanted me just three minutes ago left me naked, embarrassed, and alone. God created us to experience intimacy. He made man and woman to need each other. He wants us snuggling, giving eskimo kisses, and roasting chestnuts on an open fire.

You were made to feel the rush of a real relationship. God deed blood to flow to your cheeks, and to…not your cheeks, when a woman captivates you. He created that high for you. The only way you get it is if you take Nude girl wants date chance of dating. Yes, dating might be harder, more risk, and no guarantees, but if you like each other and she wants to make out with you, how Nude girl wants date you even consider the alone in the basement option? I got so used to settling for basement boys, I forgot I deserved a man. I figured nudes were a thing everyone comes across in casual dating.

Writing this, I felt some of that too. Forgive yourself. God already has.

Nude girl wants date

Let that phase of your life be over. She is empowered, confident, successful, and going to rock your world. Buy her dinner. Buy her ALL the dinners. Dating her makes you a man, asking for nudes makes you a boy. You are worthy and were created to be pursued.

Nude girl wants date

Stop asking for them. Agree to be worth the wait. Agree to want more than what the world tells you to have. Agree to roll your eyes when someone asks you to participate in this. You should probably pray for them to see the light too. Remember, the ball is dropping; not your pants. Cupcake snob. Scared of fire; obsessed with candles. Really into cheese.

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Nude girl wants date

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Nude girl wants date

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Nude girl wants date

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