I need human heat

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I need human heat

Print. Home Heat, Greed and Human Need. Look inside Preview. Hardback Heat, Greed and Human Need. This book builds an essential bridge between climate change and social policy. Combining ethics and human need theory with political economy and climate science, it offers a long-term, interdisciplinary analysis of the prospects for sustainable development and social justice. An essential resource for scholars and policymakers. address. Please tick this box if you do not wish to receive future mailings.

Privacy Policy. Librarian Details Name. More Information. This exceptional book considers how far catastrophic global warming can be averted in an economic system that is greedy for growth, without worsening deprivation and inequality. The satisfaction of human needs — as opposed to wants — is the only viable measure for negotiating trade-offs between climate change, capitalism and human wellbeing, now and in the future.

The author critically examines the political economy of capitalism and offers a long-term, interdisciplinary analysis of the prospects for keeping the rise in global temperatures below two degrees, while also improving equity and social justice. A three-stage transition is proposed with useful practical policies. Third, because the first two are perilously insufficient, move towards an economy that flourishes without growth.

Heat, Greed and Human Need is vital for researchers and students of the environment, public and social policy, economics, political theory and development studies. For I need human heat advocating political, social and environmental reform this book I need human heat excellent practical eco-social policies to achieve both sustainable consumption and social justice. Given the urgency of the climate challenge and its complexity, such approaches are laudable and welcome.

This is a tall order, requiring a tour around political economics, ecology and climate science, critiques of capitalism and neoliberalism, social policy and politics, along with a positive thicket of ethical and moral conundrums. But the book is clearly written, well argued, and worth the effort. The book is also for those advocating political, social and environmental reform because it presents eco-social policies excellently to achieve both sustainable consumption and social justice.

Although post-growth is still considered a highly radical demand, Gough is not afraid to postulate a transition pathway beyond the capitalistic system. With sustainable wellbeing as his guiding principle and an eco-social political economy perspective, Gough proposes a credible transformation process, especially for rich countries, which could actually lead to meeting the 1. The result is a tour de force. Demonstrating sophisticated knowledge of several relevant fields, Gough combines important multidisciplinary insights with his groundbreaking research on human needs.

The result is a coherent, usable framework that has considerable value in guiding policy discussions. This impressive work is bound to become essential reading for anyone working on policy, climate change and sustainable human well-being. This is probably the best of those books that I have come across.

I need human heat

Highly recommended. Based on a clear-eyed analysis of a wide swathe of the social science literature, and an eco-social political economy perspective, his approach is both pragmatic and deeply rooted in ethics and social justice. Highly recommended and suitable for teaching at all levels. He has brought together theoretical and empirical analysis in four different fields — economy, ecology, social policy and politics — to produce a coherent and convincing analysis of why climate change is occurring, its human and social consequences, and how it can be addressed.

Gough attaches the rigour of social science to a deeply humanitarian ethical framework; he provides at once a profound understanding of how serious climate change is and a clear-eyed realism about the kind of I need human heat and economic programme which might be able to stop it.

This is a very important book. He has shown us how it is possible to reduce inequality, satisfy human needs in culturally diverse ways and reduce the risks of dangerous climate change. A particularly interesting feature of the book is the way in which the author brings his expertise on welfare to bear on climate policy.

Sustainable wellbeing is his guiding principle. This is not just an academic book by an academic. It is a manual for policy-makers. This is utterly necessary, and I hope this book inspires ificant steps, if not global revolution. The Social Dimensions of Climate Change 2. Human needs and sustainable wellbeing 3. Climate capitalism: emissions, inequality, green growth 4.

I need human heat

From welfare states to climate mitigation states? Decarbonising the economy and its social consequences 7. Decarbonising consumption: Needs, necessities and eco-social policies 8. Post-growth, redistribution and wellbeing 9. Conclusion: A three-stage transition References Index.

I need human heat

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I need human heat

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